Why Parental Guidance is Necessary in Every Pre-Schooler's First Day in School

December 6, 2016


The first day of school for a pre- schooler can be intimidating for both the child and parents. However, this monumental event can be a rewarding experience that will last a lifetime. Although some believe that it is best to allow your child to brave their first day by themselves, many feel that parental guidance is necessary.

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to your parents, especially for the first time can be scary for many preschool children. For some kids it is no big deal because they have been in daycare for many years. But there are children who are frightened by the separation from their parents.

The secret is to be ready for your child to enter preschool. If there are ever concerns or doubts then they need to be addressed prior to your child’s first day. This is because your child has great sensory perception and can feel your apprehension or concerns.

It is absolutely necessary that you have complete confidence in sending your child off to preschool. Your child needs to see you happy, smiling and proud. In fact, your positive attitude will set the tone for your child and make them understand that preschool is an event to look forward to.

Hold Back Your Tears

In honesty, as a parent you truly should try to hold back your tears, at least until your child is out of view. Your tears will encourage fear and anxiety. Also, when you cry it creates a domino effect. First you cry, and then your child cries and then other children in the preschool start to cry. Just remember, if you cry then your child will think there is something to be upset about. So stay positive and focused.

Get Your Child Settled In

It is important to get your child settled in and not just drop them off and run. Show them familiar things so that they feel comfortable and at home. For example, point out kids that they know or someone who may have the same shoes or shirt that your child is wearing. Also, remind your child about the great new things they will be doing such as singing, learning how to read and other fun activities.


For many parents, leaving your child is very difficult. In addition, there are things that you should never do. First off, never sneak out of the preschool when your child is not looking. It creates confusion and anxiety. Also, never remove your child from the classroom. This makes separation even more difficult. As well, never negotiate treats or ask your child permission to leave. This supports undesirable behavior if your child keeps getting what they desire.

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