The centre aims to reflect the values of the community in all its diversity, and is committed to providing play based, relaxed opportunities for children to learn. We value family and children’s involvement in the process of curriculum development, and the provision of genuine and meaningful learning opportunities for all.

We Believe

  • That all children have the right to be educated by professional, qualified educators who are genuinely interested, and passionate in providing the best outcomes for children and families.
  • That for children to engage actively in their environment and learning they need to feel safe, respected and valued; they need to feel they belong.
  • That a play based open learning environment supports children becoming competent and confident learners, and open ended experiences offer the richest learning outcomes for children and educators.
  • That the learning environments presented to the children should engage the senses, stimulate curiosity, and encourage active exploration, and be flexible and responsive to individual children capabilities and needs.
  • That the learning experiences and opportunities offered to the children should be drawn from a variety of methods. These would include observation of children’s needs and interests, spontaneous learning, and forward intentional teaching and planning.
  • That as an Early Childhood Education Facility we must involve all families, Educators and Management in the continuous improvement of the Educators knowledge, a continuing evolution of best practice procedures and Programming, planning and Curriculum development that is conducive of current research and practices identified by key Education Leaders.