Kindergarten Readiness: Benefits of Positive Discipline for Your Child

January 23, 2017


As a parent you aspire to give your child a positive start in life. You protect, nurture and guide them every step of the way. As well, the process of parenting is to help make your child ready for independence. While your child develops and grows there are numerous things you can do to help them. One pf the most successful styles of discipline is positive parenting, In fact, this form of discipline has many benefits that help your child with each stage of their life.

Improved Insight of Feelings

For the most, children respond more positively if you tell them how you feel. When disciplining, start by restating the connection. For example, if you want your child to clean their room, let them know how great they cleaned it previously. Or perhaps your child was careless with riding their bike. First off, show your concern and that you are happy they are okay and not critically injured. Discipline your child after they realize your concern. That way they know and understand how you feel and why that type of behavior is not acceptable. And with continued positive feedback, a child will have an easier time understanding and accepting how you feel about certain things.

Decreases Misconduct and Power Struggles

One of the greatest benefits of positive discipline is that it helps decrease misconduct and power struggles. Unfortunately, when you punish a child it can make them feel bad about themselves which then causes them to misbehave even more. Thus, a viscous circle is created. Actually this type of behavior usually results in a power struggle between the child and parent. Although the parent typically wins with a power struggle it can actually harm your relationship.

Also, keep in mind that the way you treat a child is generally the way the will treat themselves when they grow up. Alternatively, firm and proper limits will teach your child to set firm limits on their own behavior. And for the long run, this is very beneficial for your child.

Helps Build Stronger Relationships

A very important aspect of positive parenting is that it encourages and supports the relationship between a parent and child. This type of discipline gives recognition for positive behavior instead of punishment for negative actions. In fact, punishment is discouraged because it often leads to more misbehavior and actually destroys relationships. But with reinforcing expectations coupled with loving guidance and setting limits, children will have an easier time focusing on improving behavior instead of being angry with the parent.

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