The Importance of Teaching Socialization Skills and Values Education in Children

January 31, 2017


There are some children nowadays that have a startling lack of discipline and reserve that children from earlier generations seem to have possessed innately. Most parents now blame the ever-changing social norms for the decline in values of their own children. With that said, parents that come to this conclusion overlook that morals, ethics, and the development of values, which are the underlying backbone that comprises the best (or the worst) of human character, starts at home.

Parents should be the prime motivators that help to instill values, encourage education and cultivate social skills in children, while the school plays a secondary role, but an ideal venue for the development of social skills. Some people may ask – ‘are social skills even necessary?’

Human beings are social creatures that require a basic foundation on how to interact with others, not only to cultivate associations, but also to foster wholesome and lasting relationships. Because the social ‘norms’ of parents may not always be in sync with society’s social standards, the input and supplementary role of private educational programs can help children prepare to interact with others.

Teaching Socialization Skills and Values Education in Young Children

Socialization and values education as taught in schools may comprise of seemingly simplistic activities like games, songs, and controlled or free interaction. These types of social activities help not only to cultivate the openness necessary for an individual to approach others, but develop friendliness, impartiality, and trust. Games are a natural means to teach children the benefits of working together and encourage sharing.

In a world where issues like race, religion, gender, and political allegiances divide people, equipping children with inclusive, impartial, and open-minded values helps to ensure the possibility of a brighter future. Children, being impressionable people, will internalize and eventually live out whatever it is that is cultivated in their consciousness.

An open-minded, kind-hearted and inclusive child will grow up to be all those things as an adult; and the reverse is also true. So, if you want your child to grow up into a decent, productive, and happy individual, early socialization, cultivation of core values and ethics is absolutely necessary.

Here at Canberra Avenue Child Care and Kinder, we provide the preliminary foundation for a morally upright, open-minded child. Our education programs include proactive fun activities and games that help to socialize a child to be caring, considerate, and accepting of everybody from all walks of life. Basically, children mould the future – so guarantee that the future will be bright and enrol your child at Canberra Avenue today.

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