Benefits of Age Appropriate and Developmental Learning for Children

April 18, 2017


Children who are enrolled in age appropriate and developmental learning programs at early stages of educational training are well prepared to excel during their later years of education. As they study and master subject matter that is prepared specifically for youngsters of their ages, these children gain both knowledge and the ability to absorb new material on a regular schedule. They also gain self-confidence and the assurance that they can excel in their class assignments and group learning sessions. As they gain a stronger sense of self-identity, they also have more interest and concern for their young classmates, childcare centre teachers and other staff members.

Benefits of Early Education Tailored to Children's Ages

There are multiple valuable benefits of educational programs for youngsters aged one to five that are specifically tailored to support and enhance their learning capacities during each successive year, such as the following:

  • Children study material they are ready to absorb and process mentally. - While two and three-year-olds learn to count and name the colors they see, four-year-olds master the alphabet, count in double-digits and learn to use a basic vocabulary well. Meanwhile, children five years of age acquire good reading habits, beginning math skills and basic computer usage.
  • Youngsters participate in games, sports and arts-related activities that are suitable for their physical and emotional development. - Through playing games and taking part in simple team sports when developmentally prepared to do so, young children strengthen their coordination and motor abilities. They also learn to think and react quickly during fast-paced games without feeling inadequate or becoming anxious. Feelings of self-confidence that they acquire on the playground or in a dance class will help them believe in their own abilities and improve their classroom performance as well.
  • Children are encouraged to interact in social environments they are ready to adjust to and feel comfortable within. - When children socialize often in a safe, secure and positive, friendly setting among their child centre classmates and teachers, they gain both good communication skills and a genuine concern for the feelings and preferences of their young peers and the adults around them. These very important tools and abilities will help them for many future years, in all areas of study and work and in every aspect of life.

By choosing Canberra Avenue Child Care & Kinder, a fine quality early educational centre located in Dandenong, for your young child's first learning program, you and your youngster will be well rewarded. Not only will your toddler, kindergarten age child or preschooler benefit from innovative age appropriate training in a modern, developmental learning environment, but he or she will acquire a stronger, more positive sense of self-identity, confidence and wellbeing. By interacting with other children in friendly, supportive and inspiring surroundings for greater early academic and social growth, you child will gain priceless skills that will last a lifetime.

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